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that he is making a good thing of Russia and of
the countries within her sphere of influence, and
he is self-righteously impatient of criticism or
opposition. His successor may not have the same
But I have written enough to make it clear why
we have to dissociate collectivisation altogether
from the class war in our minds. Let us waste
no more time on the spectacle of the Marxist
putting the cart in front of the horse and tying
himself up with the harness. We have to put all
this proletarian distortion of the case otit of our
minds and start afresh upon the problem of
^tow to realise the new and unprecedented possibilities
|?/ world collectivisation that have opened out
jupon the world in the past* hundred years. That
;is a ndw story. An entirely different story.
We human beings are facing gigantic forces
that will either destroy our species altogether or
lift it to an altogether unprecedented level of
power and well-being. These forces have to be
controlled or we shall be annihilated. But
competently controlled they can abolish toil,
they can abolish poverty, they can abolish
slavery—by the one sure means of making these
things unnecessary. Class-war communism has
had its opportunity to realise all this, and it has
failed to make good. So far it has only replaced